Green Office TU Eindhoven


Green Office TU Eindhoven is the platform where students and employees with fresh minds shape innovative sustainable ideas and launch projects. Its objective is to stimulate the institution’s sustainable development. It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

Green Office TU Eindhoven


» Successfully worked on the Fairtrade certification for the university
» Organised a Warm Sweater Day
» Ran a movie night about “blood in the mobile”
» Held an information event during the introduction week
» Gave sustainability tours through a newly renovated building

GO Green Office TU Eindhoven - Fair Trade University

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10 student employees work in the Green Office team. The students are supported by a staff coordinator for the Green Office and the sustainability coordinator. The team is split into two portfolios. One part of the team works on projects relating to education and research, while the other portfolio works on operations. In each portfolio, one student employee has the role of “team leader”. The Green Office also works with volunteers to advance sustainability through various projects.

GO Green Office TU Eindhoven - Team photo

Founding story of Green Office TU Eindhoven

The Green Office was established in 2016 to supplement a more top-down approach of the Sustainability Taskforce, through bottom-up student and staff engagement. The university also hired a sustainability coordinator to work with a student team. The Green Office now makes the university’s sustainability vision tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members.

GO Green Office TU Eindhoven - Promoting Fairtrade University


Green Office TU Eindhoven is part of the Eindhoven University of Technology, in the Netherlands. 9,900 students study and 2,900 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, the Green Office was approved by the Executive Board. It is a department of Facility Services. In 2017, the Green Office had a budget of €76,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

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