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Welcome to the

Students Organising for Sustainability International Summit

Green Offices, SOS-International members and friends… We are coming together to support each other on our journeys towards sustainability in our higher education institutions. Are you organising for sustainability at your university? Do you want to? This summit is for you!


Final agenda!

Wherever you find yourself on your journey – more on the crisis end of the spectrum, edging closer to perspective or fluctuating somewhere in-between – you are not alone! Over 3 days at U-Twente in the Netherlands, we invite you to share, learn and connect with other members of SOS-International: students, university staff, partner organisations, and keynote speakers. We hope that we will all come away feeling more inspired and more resourced than ever, ready to take the next steps on our journey together. 


  • A project you are particularly proud of… 
  • A topic you are looking to collaborate on… 
  • A subject close to your heart… 

Bring it along to the summit! Session proposals have been closed on 13th November 2023. 


  • Hear from other organisers what they’re doing and what they’ve achieved. 
  • Brainstorm together to tackle common challenges. 
  • Dive into sustainability topics to find inspiration. 

If there are specific things you really want to learn at this summit, you can propose a brainstorm session. Session proposals have been closed 13th November 2023. 


  • Meet organisers from around the world. 
  • Network and forge collaborations. 
  • Have fun throughout the programme and beyond! 

We will share the attendees list before the event, so that connection can begin before we even arrive. 

More info on session proposals

You can now sign up to contribute to the content of the summit. Use this link to propose a session (or other activity) you would like to facilitate as part of the program! We will then curate the full programme accordingly, which may include establishing collaborations between multiple session proposers for greatest learning, knowledge exchange and partnership building. This call for session proposals is open until 13th November, 9 am CEST.

What are we looking for? 

To build a sustainable future for all, it is important to take the space to celebrate what is going wellacknowledge what is holding us backlook at new horizons and plan our next steps!

Session proposals can include:

  • The results of your student-staff collaborations for sustainability on campus or in the community
  • Inspirational stories of impactful climate and environmental activism on campus and beyond
  • Aspirations for and examples of education transformation for sustainability
  • Discussion sessions to share challenges for developing collective solutions

We will travel together, share our challenges, enrich and inspire each other with empowering stories, impactful projects and successful partnerships. The summit aims to empower youth and students as partners in building a holistic, inclusive approach to sustainability in education.

Please submit your proposals for sessions which are interactive, promote discussion and enable participants to contribute to collective problem solving and mobilising each other as change makers for climate and environmental justice.

Make sure to inspire, support or empower others with your project, campaign, serious game, or lessons learned!

Submit your session proposals via this link

If you have questions, you can reach us via

Looking forward to meeting you there!