Take the online course to start your Green Office

With a Green Office, you establish a sustainability office that informs, connects and supports students and staff to act on sustainability.

Unlike volunteer-led initiatives, your Green Office is funded and approved by university management, and is jointly led by students and staff.


What others say about the model

Miriam Tereick


“Green Offices are an excellent way to integrate education for sustainable development into universities, affecting teaching and learning, the physical campus and student life.”

Jamie Agombar

National Union of Students

“Universities should do sustainability with students and through students. That is the wonderful thing about Green Offices: They empower students to lead on sustainability.”

Jana Holz

netzwerk n

“The Green Office Model is a great way to promote sustainability and student participation at universities. Its whole-institution approach and creative projects enable real transformation!”

Benefits of a Green Office

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Students and Staff
Green Offices
Take a look at where the movement is active on our interactive map:
Map of all sustainability offices inspired by the Green Office Model

Take the online course to start your Green Office

In the online course, you will follow Rebecca – a fictional character – as she starts a Green Office at her university. After each module, you can apply the lessons learned to design, pitch and lobby for your Green Office.

» Explore if the model works for you
» Get clarity on what steps to take
» Avoid common mistakes

» Design your sustainability office with ease
» Identify funding sources
» Convince university management

Sign up for the whole course above or view each module individually:

1. Map

Identify and analyse existing sustainability efforts at your university.

2. Design

Explore the model in depth and adapt it to your university.

3. Pitch

Argue why your university should establish a Green Office.

4. Lobby

Find funding, mobilise supporters and write your proposal.

Bonus: Initiation

Take first steps once your Green Office has been approved.

What others say


“The course inspired me to start a sustainability office.”


“I learned how to argue for a Green Office at my university.”


“After the course, I felt more empowered to start a Green Office.”


“The course showed me that we definitely need to change something at our university.”

Learn more by exploring case studies of existing Green Offices, or reading blogposts on sustainable university topics. Please get in touch with us, if you have any questions about establishing your Green Office.