Invest a few hours today to boost your impact in the months ahead

Are you struggling to get organised as a team? Do you feel that your projects could have more impact? Does your progress tend to get lost when the team changes?

These are common challenges that can cost you time, energy and enthusiasm. They may well determine whether your team will be successful. But don’t despair – take action to improve!

Catch-up calls
Use the Team Health Check to identify your specific challenges

Our workshops

For Green Offices, and sustainability student groups and networks, our workshops are like acupuncture treatments that release blockages, generate new energy, and increase your confidence in moving forward. Unlike just figuring things out as you go, our workshops create learning experiences for you today to boost your impact in the months ahead.

We offer physical workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. If you are from another region, you can still get in touch with Tim and we may be able to support you anyways.


1827 satisfied participants in 149 workshops (2013-2018)*

“rootAbility provided an invaluable contribution to our conference exploring the importance of collaboration between students, professional and academic staff.”

Simon Kemp, Academic Lead for Education for Sustainable Development at the Higher Education Academy

“Through rootAbility’s workshop, the students learned essential knowledge about sustainability in higher education and useful skills which they can apply to realise tangible change projects at their institution.”

Jan Cloppenburg, President of fzs e.V., Germany

“We recommend any recently started student group working within a university to make use of rootAbility’s workshops.”

Yvon Heijmans, Student employee at Maastricht University Student Project Team, The Netherlands

“I can confidently recommend rootAbility to run workshops for organisations interested in boosting bottom-up student engagement for sustainability.”

Roland Schombert, Student employee at Maastricht University Green Office, The Netherlands

“rootAbility enriched our sustainability symposium through a well-received workshop and presentation.”

Janina Fago, Sustainability coordinator at FH Kiel, Germany

“rootAbility helped us greatly in motivating our entire office to walk the talk and think about sustainability in the office on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to rootAbility’s thoughtful, inspiring and informative workshop we successfully got our sustainability initiative inside the organization off the ground.”

Nora Steurer, Policy Researcher, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

“The students learned a lot and most of all they got an excellent role model of how young people can make a difference in the change for sustainability at their universities.”

Paula Lindroos, Director Baltic University Programme, Sweden

“rootAbility´s workshop on how to improve the collaboration between students and staff members to work collaboratively on sustainability in higher education inspired and energised the participants of the NSCN seminar at Aalto University.”

Meri Löyttyniemi, Chair of Nordic Sustainable Campus Network, Finland

“rooAbilty provided a mind-changing workshop that let our team members open up to each other in a constructive way.”

Sophie Vogelaar, Co-founder and Operations Manager at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub in Rotterdam

“rootAbility’s well-designed workshop and training has also shown us a new approach to project planning and has given participants the confidence and skills to proceed with their projects. We look forward to our next workshop!”

Ana Lopez, Coordinator at the Greenwich Sustainability Hub, United Kingdom

*Workshops at the time by rootAbility. The workshop portfolio is now managed by SOS international.

Choose a package or request your own

Target group
    Teams who are just getting started
    Teams who want to improve their effectiveness and impact
    Teams with an upcoming team transition
    Networks of sustainability initiatives seeking to collaborate better
    6 hours
    6 hours
    3 hours
    3 hours
  • Understand your context
  • Define your mission, vision and goals
  • Clarify team roles
  • Plan your next actions
  • Evaluate your way of working
  • Recalibrate your team goals
  • Strengthen your team collaboration
  • Embed learning in your team culture
  • Create an action plan
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Capture key learning insights
  • Evaluate your way of working
  • Organise the knowledge transfer to the next team
  • Map the characteristics and relations in your network
  • Clarify your goals and ways to collaborate
  • Align your actions for joint impact
    499 €
    499 €
    349 €
    349 €

*Exact prices depend on your choice of topics. Prices exclude Value Added Tax (VAT), as well as travel and accommodation.

Choose your workshop length

    Weekend seminar
    One-day workshop
    Half-day workshop
    12 Hours
    6 Hours
    4 Hours
    2 Hours
    999-1199 €
    499-699 €
    299-499 €
    199-299 €

*Exact prices depend on your choice of topics. Prices exclude Value Added Tax (VAT), as well as travel and accommodation.

Pick the topics you want to cover

Engagement Visibility
    Reach your target group with a clear and meaningful message
    Engage students as volunteers to contribute to your mission and support them in their projects
    Start a network in which staff act as your sustainability champions
    Work better in partnership with other initiatives
    Strengthen the collaboration among existing sustainability initiatives
Strategy Mission
    Better understand the unique role your team can play to create change within your context
    Communicate your core values and translate them into daily practices to embody them
    Work towards shared goals with a clear action plan
    Execute and improve high-impact activities to realise your goals
    Align roles needed to realise your goals and fit the personality types of your team members to specific roles
Processes Meetings
    Organise and facilitate effective meetings
Knowledge management
    Effectively document, store and share your knowledge across team generations
    Guarantee the continuity of knowledge, activities and relations between teams
    Evaluate your activities to continuously improve them
    Integrate learnings and reflections in the daily operations of your team
Leadership Feedback
    Nurture the attitudes and practices for giving and receiving feedback
Learning mindset
    Rise to the challenges you encounter and respond constructively to failure and difficulties
Personal values
    Translate your personal values into daily behaviours to realise them
    Deal with and respond creatively to conflict
    Move people from resistance towards acceptance and willingness to collaborate

*Exact prices depend on your choice of topics. Prices exclude Value Added Tax (VAT), as well as travel and accommodation.

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“Hi! I’m Tim, delivering workshops for the Green Office Movement, as part of SOS international. Are you interested in hosting a workshop for your team with my support? Or do you have any questions before you want to commit to a workshop? Just get in touch with me! You can download the Team Health Check below to identify the specific challenges of your team. Talk to you soon.”

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