Become a member of the GO Movement!

The Green Office (GO) Movement stands for institutionalising sustainability in higher education by empowering students and staff as change-makers.

Join the movement to achieve this mission together! This page shows you how and why to join, and what the membership consists of. If you are new to the Green Office model, first check out what it’s all about.


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Register your Green Office as a movement member

By joining as a movement member you strengthen the capacity of your GO team and the movement as a whole to contribute to our common cause.

Click the button below to download the GO Movement Membership registration form and send the completed form to Tim, together with a logo of your GO, to finalise your registration.

Download the membership registration form
Green Office Movement Membership

These communication channels and information resources allow you to connect with other movement members and to receive support, tips and updates

The place for established GOs to connect, share and collaborate, based on topics of shared interest, similar roles or location. Access via browser and mobile app. Request to join here.

For virtual exchanges independent of physical travel, as the movement expands globally. These take place once per semester.

Green Office Online Summit

Meet the GO movement community in person* to exchange ideas & experiences, and develop change-maker skills.

(*These can only take place if a Green Office volunteers to organize it with support of SOS, and if COVID measures allow).

5th European Green Office Summit_Ghent

Use selected templates, good-practices and guides to save time, boost your efforts and build on the experience of other GOs. You’ll receive the link after registering. To upload files, send them to Tim

Once per semester the GO movement coordinators will invite you for a call to support you with your goals & challenges, to update the overview of GO activities & challenges and to help you get the most value from your membership.

This is also a great opportunity to evaluate the capacity and performance of your team and plan a workshop if desired.

Catch-up calls

Receive updates about GO movement activities and resources by signing up for the newsletter.

We recommend that every team member signs up to receive the newsletter.

Green Office Movement Newsletter

A space to share for established GOs*, GO initiatives, and people generally interested.

Join the GO Movement Facebook Group here

(*note that the GO Movement platform is more for active exchange among established GOs)

GO Movement Facebook Group

Inspiration and tips from Green Offices and the GO movement.

Follow the Instagram account.

Find established and initiating GOs and partner networks that are part of the GO movement. The map makes your GO visible as a movement member and lets you find others close by. It includes links to websites & Facebook pages of members.

Contact Tim in case your GO or its details are missing.

Map of all sustainability offices inspired by the Green Office Model

Showcase and find out how other GOs are organized, what projects they did and what they achieved via the GO case study page.

If you want a case study of your GO to be included or updated, contact Tim.

Show your community and stakeholders that you are part of the Green Office Movement by using the movement logo on your website, PR materials and social media.

You will receive the high-resolution logo after sending the membership registration form.

Stay connected to the movement and share sustainable career opportunities after leaving the Green Office, by signing up for the GO Alumni Network

Solidarity-based contribution

Your financial contribution enables Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS) to support and connect the members of the GO movement in a way that’s inclusive. Considering the varying financial capacities of GOs and GO initiatives, we opted for a solidarity-based model: this means you can choose which amount seems appropriate to you, given your annual budget and willingness to contribute to the movement.

All movement channels are freely available also to those who are unable to contribute financially, so your choice of contribution does not affect what channels you can access.

If you cannot contribute financially at the moment but still want to join, let us know if and by when you expect to receive a budget.

The money is used to pay for the working hours of the Green Office Movement Coordinator (as SOS staff) to organise the above-mentioned channels and promote the expansion of the movement. In the future, as more GOs join, this may be used to increase GO Movement coordination capacity or offer support funds to GO initiatives or projects.

Remember to include this contribution in your annual budget.

Suggested contribution levels, based on what existing members contribute:

Current members (30)

Netherlands (13)

  • Leiden University Green Office
  • Green Office Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Maastricht University Green Office
  • Green Office Wageningen
  • Green Office Utrecht (University)
  • Green Office TU Eindhoven
  • Green Office Van Hall Larenstein (Velp)
  • Green Office Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Green TU Delft
  • HAN Green Office
  • Sustainability Factory – Green Office of TiU
  • Green Office HZ Vlissingen
  • Green Office RUG Groningen
  • Green Office Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)

Germany (8)

  • Green Office Hildesheim
  • Green Office Konstanz
  • Green Office TUM Campus Straubing
  • Green Office Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld
  • GreenOffice Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
  • Goethe’s Green Office (Frankfurt)
  • Green Office Initiative Aachen
  • Büro für Nachhaltigkeit TU Darmstadt

Belgium (5)

  • Student Green Office ULB (Brussels)
  • Greenteam VUB (Brussels)
  • Green Office Gent
  • Green Office for KU Leuven
  • Green Office VKI

Belarus (1)

  • Green Office BSPU (Minsk)

Italy (1)

  • Green Office Bologna

Sweden (1)

  • Student Sustainability Hub Gothenburg

Uganda (1)

  • Students for Sustainability at Makarere University (Kampala)
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Green Office Wageningen - Logo
Green Team VUB Brussels - Logo
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