Become a member of the GO Movement!

The Green Office (GO) Movement stands for institutionalising sustainability in higher education through empowering students and staff as change-makers.

Join the movement to realise this mission together! This page shows you how to join, why and what the membership consists of. If you are new to the Green Office model, first check out what it’s all about.


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Register your Green Office as a movement member

By joining as a movement member you can strengthen the capacity of your GO team and the movement as a whole to contribute to our common cause. Click the button below to download the GO Movement Membership registration form.
Send the completed form to Tim to finalise your registration, together with a logo of your GO.

Download the Green Office Movement registration form
Green Office Movement Membership

Exchange ideas and learn through these channels

Sign up to the Green Office Movement newsletter to stay informed about upcoming exchanges, new materials in the Resource Hub and news about the Green Office Movement. Click here to sign up!

Green Office Movement Newsletter

Connect online with other Green Offices internationally to discuss your questions, learn from each other’s experiences and get support with your challenges during 3 hours of interactive discussions in break-out groups, using an open space format. See the results from the Online Green Office Summit of March 2019 here.

Green Office Online Summit

Share and discuss with other Green Offices: challenges, project successes, GO videos, tips, job opportunities, etc.
If you want to set-up your own sub-group around a certain topic or region/ country, let us know and we will link it to the main GO Movement group. Sub-groups existing so far: GO Alumni Network, Belgian GO Network

GO Movement Facebook Group

Access a curated collection of templates, guides and best-practices to save time, simplify your work and build on the knowledge in the movement. Meeting notes from the Peer Coaching Calls are also uploaded here.
If you want to upload files to share with other GOs, send them to Tim

GO Movement Resource Hub

Meet other European Green Office member face to face at the annual Green Office Summit to exchange experiences, make friends and co-create what the GO movement is about.

5th European Green Office Summit_Ghent

Once per semester, Tim will get in touch with you to hear about the status, goals and challenges of your team and offer his advice, connect you with other GOs facing similar challenges or plan a workshop with you.
This is also a good opportunity to evaluate your team, using the Team Health Check, and to update the Overview of Activities and Challenges of Green Offices.

Catch-up calls

Make your GO visible as a member of the movement and let others be inspired by your case. As a movement member, you can ask for a case study and will be included on the Green Office map.

Map of all sustainability offices inspired by the Green Office Model

Solidary contribution

Your solidarity-based financial contribution enables rootAbility to support and connect the members of the GO movement in a way that’s inclusive, considering that some GOs have no or very little resources. Therefore, the movement channels are freely available also to those who are unable to contribute financially.
You can choose which amount seems appropriate to you, considering your budget availabilities.
Suggested annual contributions: reduced = 180€ / standard = 360€ / movement superstar = 720€.
The money is used to pay for SOS international‘s working hours to organise the above-mentioned channels and promote the expansion of the movement.
If you are currently developing your GO or renewing your budget, include this contribution in your annual budget.

Current members (22)

Netherlands (11)

  • Leiden University Green Office
  • Green Office Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Maastricht University Green Office
  • Green Office Wageningen
  • Green Office Utrecht (University)
  • Green Office TU Eindhoven
  • Green Office Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Green Office Van Hall Larenstein (Velp)
  • Green Office Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Green Office TU Delft
  • HAN Green Office

Italy (1)

  • Green Office Bologna

Uganda (1)

  • Students Sustainability Action Group

Belgium (5)

  • Student Green Office ULB (Brussels)
  • Greenteam VUB (Brussels)
  • Green Office Gent
  • Green Office for KU Leuven
  • Green Office VKI

Germany (3)

  • Nachhaltigkeitsbüro Kaiserslautern
  • Green Office Hildesheim
  • Green Office Konstanz

Sweden (1)

  • Students for Sustainability Gothenburg