Become a Green Office Movement Ambassador

Build further on your past Green Office experiences and support the spread of the Green Office model worldwide.

Throughout a 4-month Ambassador Track, we coach a select group of current and former Green Office students as ambassadors of the Movement. The Track allows alumni to continue being engaged and connected with the Green Office Movement beyond their study time. Find more information on this page.

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What is the Ambassador Track?

Many students collect an abundance of sustainability-related knowledge, skills and competencies during their term at the Green Office. For those who are eager to build further on their valuable experience and have an additional lasting impact, we offer the Green Office Movement Ambassador Track. Over a period of 4 months, the Green Office Movement Ambassadors are provided with the support, resources and community to advance the spread of the Green Office model worldwide.

Who can be a Green Office Movement Ambassador?

The Ambassador Track is created for all students, employees and alumni who are or were active at a Green Office, and for student-led organizations who wish to promote the Green Office Model.

Green Office Movement Ambassador Track

Join the Ambassador Track and help us spread the Movement

What do you do as a Green Office Movement Ambassador?

Ambassadors decide how their track looks like, based on their own strengths and interests. Some options:

  • Lobby for a Green Office in your (home) institution
  • Support starting Green Offices with your insights
  • Be a contact person for Green Office initiatives
  • Give workshops or presentations at (inter)national or local conferences, as a Green Office expert
  • Organise or (co-)host a webinar introducing the model
  • Identify student-led organisations that could take an active role in establishing Green Offices
  • Identify lecturers or staff to reach out to
  • Translate resource materials into further languages (into new languages or help us improve and add to materials in German, French, Russian, Italian, Ukranian, Polish and Portuguese)
  • Support Green Office initiatives as a native speaker, in written and spoken communication

How does the Green Office Movement support the Ambassadors?

Over a period of 4 months, we coach the Ambassadors to take on an active role in the spread of the Green Office Model. Our support is based on 10-years of hands-on experience and will include:

  • Regular group support calls
  • Ambassador hotline
  • Online ambassador community
  • One-on-one support calls
  • Ambassador Roadmap and Tracker
  • A collection of useful in-house documents, templates and checklists
  • Access to the Green Office Movement platform
  • Access to all Green Office Movement resources and activities
The Green Office Movement team supports you during the track

The Green Office Movement team supports you during the track

What are the benefits of becoming a Green Office Movement Ambassador?

  • Stay engaged with (emerging) Green Offices around the world
  • Learn more about establishing student-led initiatives
  • Extend your network
  • Get continued access to Green Office Movement membership benefits, such as activities and resources
  • Get credited on the website
  • Receive an ambassador certificate
  • Receive a personalized letter of recommendation

When and how can I sign up?

We just wrapped up our first Ambassador Track. Please keep an eye on our social media channels to know when the track will open again.

I have more questions! Who can I contact? You can reach out to Maartje.

Meet the GO Movement Ambassadors

These Green Officers went the extra mile. Thank you and congratulations!

Uri Bové

Green Office for KU Leuven

Uri lobbied for a new Green Office, and spoke at a webinar organized by the Flemish government.

Rodrigo Zapata

Green Office Vrije Universiteit

Rodrigo delivered talks about the GO Model at two conferences, including one on an EU level.

Kristin Fiedler

Green Office TU Dresden

Kristin connected new GOs in Germany to the movement and offered support via partner organization netzwerk n.

Nathan Troost

Green Office Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Nathan lobbied for new Green Offices outside of the Netherlands.

Nell Van den Plas

Green Office University of Antwerp

Nell supported ongoing efforts to invite non-European voices to the GO model discussion.