Advance sustainability at your university

Explore the Green Office Model and join the Movement that is changing higher education.



You care about big problems happening in the world? You want to make a difference? But does your university support you in creating a positive change? A Green Office can help you empower more students to realise sustainability projects at your university or in your community.



If you are like most sustainability staff we’ve met, you’re always looking for ways to improve your impact. A Green Office can help you make existing sustainability efforts more visible, improve collaboration between initiatives, and engage more students.



You’re passionate about teaching and are looking for innovative ways to improve sustainability education at your university? With a Green Office, you can better embed sustainability in the curriculum and offer students exciting extra-curricular learning opportunities.



We invite you to work with us to:

  • bring the Green Office Movement to your country

  • collaborate on research about existing Green Offices

  • design a Green Office for your company, municipality or school

  • and to share our story by writing a newspaper, article or blog post.