Sustainability Office Magdeburg


The Sustainability Office (“Nachhaltigkeitsbüro”) Magdeburg connects and strengthens different initiatives, departments and organisations active on sustainability. In addition, the office coordinates the university’s sustainability strategy. It also raises awareness and educates students and staff about sustainability issue at the university and beyond. The Sustainability Office Magdeburg is inspired by the Green Office Model.

Sustainability Office Magdeburg


» Researched, wrote and published the university’s first official sustainability report
» Developed the university’s sustainability strategy with long-term ambitions and a short-term action plan
» Organises an annual sustainability week together with student groups
» Holds different events to connect students, staff and faculty working on sustainability at the university
» Coordinated the organisation of an alternative introduction week focused on socio-environmental topics
» Ran multiple networking meetings for all sustainability-focused student groups

Sustainability Office Magdeburg - Bee hotel

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The team consists of 2 student employees and 1 staff coordinator. The Sustainability Office works with volunteers ad-hoc. It also closely works with a Sustainability Round Table which provides legitimacy and the strategic direction as well as a Scientific Council providing operational support and advise.

Sustainability Office Magdeburg - Campus festival

Founding story of the Sustainability Office Magdeburg

Prior to the establishment of Sustainability Office Magdeburg, nobody was officially responsible for sustainability at the university. Students organised an event to put the issue of sustainability on the agenda of the university. After the event, a group of students and staff formed, who developed the idea of the Sustainability Office. At its founding in 2015/2016, the office was run by two students who wrote the first sustainability report. In 2016/2017, one of these students took over the position of sustainability coordinator.

Sustainability Office Magdeburg - Visioning Workshop


The Sustainability Office is part of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, in Germany. 14,200 students study and 2,800 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, the Sustainability Office Magdeburg was approved by the Executive Board. It also reports directly to the Executive Board. In 2017, the Sustainability Office had a budget of €59,500. For more information, you can visit their website (in German only).

Sustainability Office Magdeburg - Strategy conference