Leiden University Green Office


The Leiden University Green Office makes the university’s sustainability vision tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members. It also critically assesses the university’s policy and communication on sustainability. Additionally, it launches its own projects and campaigns. It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

Leiden University Green Office


» Created a “Sustainable Business Battle” to inspire students to develop sustainable business cases
» Brought the “join the pipe” project to Leiden University
» Created recycling spots for old phones
» Hosts book and food exchange platforms
» Regularly publishes vegan recipes

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Learn about the Green Office model


The Green Office is coordinated by a staff coordinator. 7 student employees work in the team. The team also engages student volunteers to work on different projects at the university. The Green Office is also supported by a supervisory board.

Leiden University Green Office - Team Photo

Founding story of the Leiden University Green Office

A student initiative lobbied for establishing the Green Office for many years, because the student initiative felt that the university was not doing enough with regards to sustainability and that greater efforts were needed. They launched an extensive bottom-up lobby process. Finally, the ambition to establish a Green Office was integrated into the university’s environmental policy. The university then established the Green Office in 2016, as a department of Facility Services. It works closely with other departments and student groups at the university

Leiden University Green Office - Water taps


The Leiden University Green Office is part of Leiden University, in the Netherlands. 26,900 students study and 6,500 staff work at the university. The Executive Board initially approved the Green Office. It is a department of Facility Services. In 2017, the Green Office had a budget of €50,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

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