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GreenTU is the Green Office of TU Delft, part of the university’s corporate office. We’re a student organisation devoted to stimulating sustainability in TU Delft‘s education, research, operations and community! We connect students to researchers, teachers and campus operators, and represent the voice of students in TU Delft‘s sustainability plans – with the goal of improving the sustainability performance of TU Delft as a whole. More information can be found on GreenTU’s website! It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

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The work of GreenTU is centred around four pillars:

  • Education: making sustainability a part of every student’s educational programme.
  • Research: collaborating to promote sustainable research, and reporting on existing sustainability efforts and projects.
  • Operations: reducing the environmental footprint of TU Delft’s campus on its way to become climate-neutral by 2030.
  • Community: organising green events and connecting people around the topic of sustainability.


Some featured projects of GreenTU:

  • The Green Thread: an educational project in which, on a course-by-course basis, the course materials of interested teachers are revised to tackle sustainability topics.
  • Sustainability Label & Subsidy: helping student associations in Delft get more sustainable by awarding a yearly label, and providing a subsidy for more sustainable activities.
  • Day of Sustainability: an annually recurring event with workshops, speakers, and more!
  • Vision on Sustainability: an annual report on TU Delft and GreenTU’s sustainability efforts (up to 2022).

More of these project can be found on GreenTU’s website!

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Learn about the Green Office Model


GreenTU has a central, part-time board formed by six students: the Chair, Secretary, Operations Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, GreenTeams Coordinator, and Communications & Events Coordinator. This board collaborates with TU Delft’s sustainability core team, academic staff and support staff on realising sustainability efforts across campus. Furthermore, GreenTU has eight GreenTeams, one at each of TU Delft’s faculties. These student GreenTeams work to promote sustainability at their own faculty via events, operational projects, and educational improvements.

Founding story of Green TU Delft

Prior to the Green Office, students from sustainability-related student associations formed the “Sustainability Community” in 2014. They held regular meetings to combine efforts, reinforce each other and minimise overlap. The Executive Board and the Sports & Culture Department of TU Delft were pleased with the development of the community and wanted to ensure its continuity.

The Sports & Culture Departement funded two student assistants to function as Sustainability Community coordinators. The Sustainability Coordinator of TU Delft saw the potential for this group and submitted a proposal to establish a Green Office in Delft with a 4-person student board. The university approved the proposal in November 2015 and the Green Office GreenTU Delft was born.

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Green TU Delft is part of the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. 21,000 students study and 4,700 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, this Green Office was approved by the Executive Board. It reports to the University Secretary. In 2017, Green TU Delft had a budget of €250,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office TU Delft - Day of sustainability at TU Delft