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Green TU Delft is a department of the Technical University of Delft, devoted to stimulating sustainability in education, research and university operations. It connects innovative researchers, teachers, students, and campus operators, with the goal of improving the sustainability performance of TU Delft as a whole. It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

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» Installed 10,000 m2 of solar panels and successfully lobbied the university to purchase wind energy
» Created an overview of all sustainability courses
» Supported a student project to invent a book made from coffee waste
» Organised excursions to a wind park and a waste handling facility
» Ran multiple networking meetings for all sustainability-focused student groups

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Learn about the Green Office Model


The team consists of 4 student employees and 2 staff coordinators. Green TU Delft works with volunteers to realise different sustainability projects on campus. Its Office is located within the Green Village, a technology and business plan innovation platform at TU Delft, with a broad focus on sustainable concepts for the future.

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Founding story of Green TU Delft

Prior to the Green Office, students from sustainability-related student associations formed the “Sustainability Community” in 2014. They held regular meetings to combine efforts, reinforce each other and minimise overlap. The Executive Board and the Sports & Culture Department of TU Delft were pleased with the development of the community and wanted to ensure its continuity.

The Sports & Culture Departement funded two student assistants to function as Sustainability Community coordinators. The Sustainability Coordinator of TU Delft saw the potential for this group and submitted a proposal to establish a Green Office in Delft with a 4-person student board. The university approved the proposal in November 2015 and the Green Office was born.

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Green TU Delft is part of the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. 21,000 students study and 4,700 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, this Green Office was approved by the Executive Board. It reports to the University Secretary. In 2017, Green TU Delft had a budget of €250,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office TU Delft - Day of sustainability at TU Delft