Green Office Wageningen


Green Office Wageningen works towards a more sustainable mindset and practice at Wageningen University & Research. It brings the change from inside, by involving students and employees in sustainability. In this way, the Green Office helps the university to lead on sustainability research and education. The Green Office is inspired by the Green Office Model.

Green Office Wageningen


» Implemented “Student Cooking Corners,” allowing students to sell homemade food every week
» Promoted the usage of KeepCups to reduce waste from disposable cups
» Initiated several Meatless Mondays
» Supported a student research project to develop guidelines for sustainable procurement
» Ran an engagement programme to support staff and faculty to take environmental actions at their offices

Green Office Wageningen - Awareness campaign

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Learn about the Green Office Model


The Green Office team consists of 4 student employees. A staff manager coordinates the team. The Green Office also works with student volunteers on various projects throughout the university. It is supported by a “support board”.

Green Office Wageningen - Team

Founding story of Green Office Wageningen

In 2011 the “Taskforce Sustainability” was established to empower changes for sustainability. One of its goals was to set up a structure that would stimulate and coordinate efforts between research, education and campus operations. A group of students – in consultation with the Taskforce Sustainability – developed a proposal for the Green Office to realise this ambition. The university then established Green Office Wageningen in 2012. It was the second Green Office after the Maastricht University Green Office.

Green Office Wageningen - Information Market


This Green Office is part of Wageningen University & Research, in the Netherlands. 10,000 students study and 2,000 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, this Green Office was approved by Facility Services. It is a department within Facility Services. In 2017, the Green Office had a budget of €32,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office Wageningen - Presenting the GO