Green Office Konstanz


Green Office Konstanz is the student-led sustainability office at Konstanz University. It was the first sustainability office – inspired by the Green Office Model – that was established at a German university. Above all, it takes a holistic approach to sustainability and aims to make Konstanz University more sustainable in teaching, research and campus operations. Likewise, the Green Office is also the first point of contact for all students and staff interested in getting involved in issues around the environment and social justice.

Green Office Konstanz


» Wrote first official sustainability report of the university
» Established an additional qualification in sustainability that students can obtain
» Facilitated a sustainability week together with 8 student initiatives
» Organised excursions to nature reserves, organic farms and waste management facilities
» Held a panel discussion with university management on sustainability at the university

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Learn about the Green Office Model


Green Office Konstanz is a student-led team including 6 student employees. The director of Student Services is the university staff member responsible for supporting the student team.

Green Office Konstanz - Team Photo

Founding story of Green Office Konstanz

The university had abolished the position of sustainability coordinator. As a result, nobody was officially responsible for sustainability at the university anymore. A student group realised this problem and proposed the Green Office as a solution. Their goal was to establish a student-led sustainability office that would empower students to lead on sustainability issues at the university. After submitting the proposal, the Green Office was established in 2015. The team received start-up funding for two years. After the initial funding ran out, the Green Office started mobilising funding and support from various other channels.


Green Office Konstanz is part of Konstanz University, in Germany. 11,700 students study and 1,900 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, the Quality of Education Fund approved this Green Office. Moreover, the team reports to the director of Student Services. In 2017, the Green Office had a budget of €28,800. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office Konstanz - Team Meeting