Green Office Hildesheim


Green Office Hildesheim supports various actors at the University of Hildesheim in their activities towards sustainability. At the same time, the Green Office initiates its own sustainability projects. It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

Green Office Hildesheim


» Piloted a car-sharing platform for students and staff
» Published an overview of existing sustainability courses
» Awards a sustainability prize to the best bachelor or master thesis every year
» Developed a guide for students to learn about sustainable consumption choices

Green Office Hildesheim - At the march for science
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A staff member coordinates Green Office Hildesheim. Furthermore, 8 student employees work in the team. The team also engages student volunteers to work on different projects at the university.

Green Office Hildesheim - Team Photo

Founding story of Green Office Hildesheim

The University of Hildesheim gave a lecturer the responsibility of being the contact person for sustainability and established a working group on education for sustainable development. Since 2012, there had been interest in the Green Office Model to create a stronger platform for sustainability. Initially, efforts to establish a Green Office failed due to funding constraints. In 2014, a student group revived the idea and engaged in an extensive lobbying effort together with university staff. In 2015 the university finally established the Green Office as the central sustainability department of the institution.

Green Office Hildesheim - The Green Office at the Campusfest


Green Office Hildesheim is part of the University of Hildesheim, in Germany. 8,200 students study and 700 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, this Green Office was approved by a commission responsible for the quality of education at the university. The Green Office is integrated in Faculty #4 for mathematics, natural sciences, economics and computer technology. In 2017, the Green Office had a budget of €100,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office Hildesheim - Panel Discussion
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