Green Office for KU Leuven


Green Office for KU Leuven works with the sustainability services to change policy, inform students and directly work with students on sustainability issues. It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

Green Office for KU Leuven


» Planted an urban garden on campus
» Launched 20 mobile phone recycling stations at four campuses of the university
» Sells “veggie bags” of local and sustainably grown vegetables
» Rents out a cargo bike to students for free
» Runs a student repair hub that repairs items for free and teaches students how it’s done

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A staff member coordinates Green Office for KU Leuven. Next to her, 7 student employees make up the core team of the Green Office. 40 “members” of the Green Office work voluntarily in project and working groups. The Green Office is integrated within the university’s sustainability services.

Green Office for KU Leuven - Team Photo

Founding story of Green Office for KU Leuven

The university had a sustainability policy, report and working group in order to become a climate neutral organisation by 2030. Nine student groups were also actively pursuing this goal. The Vice-Rector responsible for sustainability policy heard about the Green Office Model. He assigned a staff member to apply the model to KU Leuven. The university then established the Green Office in 2016. By establishing a Green Office, the university wanted to make progress towards its sustainability ambitions and create a central contact point for students and staff.

Green Office for KU Leuven - Water campaign


Green Office for KU Leuven is part of the Catholic University of Leuven, in Belgium. 55,500 students study and 15,800 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, the Executive Board approved the Green Office. It is integrated within sustainability services. In 2017, the Green Office had a budget of €36,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office for KU Leuven - Presenting the GO