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Green Office BSPU is a platform where ideas for sustainable development are integrated into everyday life at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University. It brings together students, staff and the local community, with the aim of creating a sustainable university. The Green Office encourages university students and school pupils to act sustainably, implements its own projects and supports student groups. It is inspired by the Green Office Model.

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» Organises awareness campaigns about health and nutrition, as well as dealing with exam and study stress
» Cleaned a forest near an ecological station and organised a large field trip for school pupils to the ecological station
» Worked with a local animal shelter and collected food from university students and staff to donate to the animals
» Collected old books from university students and staff to donate them to families in need
» Organises various workshops and educational events, as well as a WebQuest, to teach school pupils about ecology and sustainability
» Hosted two large events on the Sustainable Development Goals, once for school pupils and once for university students

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Learn about the Green Office Model


The core team of Green Office BSPU consists of 2 paid coordinators who are former students, 4 student coordinators who work voluntarily (each responsible for one faculty) and 2 staff coordinators. Around 30 other students volunteer for the Green Office on specific projects.

Founding story of Green Office BSPU

Before the Green Office was created, the university was already working on sustainability through the network RCE Belarus, which coordinates work towards education for sustainable development in Belarus as part of the Global RCE Network. After students and staff met with Green Office Hildesheim from Germany, they got the idea to implement something similar at BSPU. That way they could further improve their sustainability work and to involve university students to a greater extent. Green Office BSPU was then founded in 2017. They are currently no longer in contact with Green Office Hildesheim.

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Green Office BSPU is part of the Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University (BSPU), in Minsk. 20,000 students study and 1,400 staff work at the university. Upon its founding, the Faculty of Natural Sciences approved the Green Office. The dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences is also one of the Green Office’s staff coordinators. The Green Office works largely independently of the faculty though and runs projects for the entire university. In 2019, the Green Office had a budget of around €5,000. For more information, you can visit their website.

Green Office BSPU with school pupils