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You’ve just completed your studies and finished your term at your Green Office (GO). Congratulations! You’ve learned a lot, met new people and broadened your horizons. Now, you’re up to new adventures but enjoyed your time in the GO so much that you want to stay involved in the GO Movement.

The Green Office Alumni Network allows you to stay connected with other students and staff who have worked in or volunteered in a GO.  

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Join the Green Office Alumni Network by signing up for:

The Alumni Facebook Group

Join the Facebook Group to stay in touch with Green Office Alumni from around the world, find and share job opportunities and challenges.

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The Alumni Newsletter

Sign up for the Green Office Alumni Newsletter to get occasional updates about the Green Office Movement and invitations to Alumni meet-ups and Green Office (Online) Summits.

The Mentorship Programme

Mentor current Green Office employees or people who want to set up a Green Office by creating a profile for the Green Office Mentorship Programme. Mentorship can range from just one helpful message to a life-long friendship in the making. You have learned a lot during your time at the Green Office. Why not share it with others?

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